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Winter 2023 in the Algarve: Golf Courses and So Much More

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Winter in the Algarve: Golf Courses and So Much More

One of Europe’s favourite beach destinations, the Algarve has certainly made a name for itself as a summer destination of choice. Lesser known, however, are the options of winter activities available in the region, bathing visitors in winter sun as they explore the best of the Algarve without hordes of other visitors.

In fact, visiting southern Portugal in winter gives you the chance to explore areas you may never consider when temperatures start climbing over 30 degrees, and all you want to do is stretch out on a beach. From heading inland to explore quaint hilltop villages and stopping for a hearty meal, to booking in some golf practice on some of Europe’s best courses, the authentic Algarve in winter is an entirely different place. One certainly worth exploring for a week… or two… or three.

Whether jetting over for a city break, some winter exercise, or a longer stay to really soak up the area, My Choice provides a range of accommodations for all tastes, ensuring you find your home away from home.

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The Best Algarve Winter Activities   

Though the Algarve’s warm winter sun is enough to draw in those looking to escape chillier climes, it’s also worth exploring all the options of things to do once you get here, ensuring every day spent here is even better than the last.    

Must-visit Golf Courses in the Algarve

Dotted with award-winning golf courses, it’s no wonder the Algarve is known as a golf destination of choice among professionals and amateurs alike. From 5* resorts cresting striking cliffs and providing sweeping views over the Atlantic to countryside courses spanning miles and ensuring views over rolling hills, you’ll never be far from a golfing experience for the books – not to mention a range of tournaments.

Golf in the algarve

Golf, however, is only the tip of the iceberg, with the Algarve also providing excellent conditions for all sorts of sports, from cycling and hiking to birdwatching and surfing.

Make the Most of Cooler Weather for Some Sightseeing  

When headed for the Algarve in winter, make sure you pack for t-shirt weather as well as a light coat, ensuring you won’t be dragged down by too many layers as you explore the authentic Algarve. A region filled with traditions and culture, one great place to start is any one of its traditional markets. From Loulé’s Moorish market to the red brick market in Olhão and whitewashed market in Tavira, each location is filled with life, local treats, fresh fish, and fruit and veg of all kinds. Then there’s the option of a wander around the historic city centres of any one of the Algarve’s towns and cities, from cobbled Faro to exploring the walls of Silves castle.

Food and Wine tasting in the Algarve

No trip to the Algarve would be complete without at least a nod to the local cuisine, its take on the Mediterranean diet sure to get your mouth watering. From traditional Portuguese snacks to freshly caught fish on a desert island, there’s plenty worth trying. Then there’s the option of sunning yourself on the soft slopes of a vineyard as you sip a selection of local wines with some nibbles.

Get in touch with Nature at the Ria Formosa natural park

parque natural da ria formosa

Last but certainly not least is the all-encompassing nature you’ll find in Southern Portugal. From taking a boat trip along the Ria Formosa natural park to admire the wildlife to stopping off to explore fishing villages on the Algarve’s barrier islands, there’s plenty to see along the Algarve’s eastern edge. Heading further west, as the waves get stronger and cliffs higher, the landscape changes, becoming perfect for some birdwatching and more extreme cycle rides and hikes, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Booking your Winter stay in the Algarve

Whether it’s wandering quaint streets browsing local pottery, taking a deep breath as you look out over rolling hills, lining up a shot as the Atlantic glitters in the background, or getting your fill of delicacies you can’t believe you never sampled before, the Algarve in winter is certainly an experience. One that’s only a few clicks away.

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