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Why rent a holiday home in the Algarve?

Are you used to staying in hotels but the pandemic has ruined your plans and now you’re hesitant to book rooms for the whole family? A holiday home could be the answer. Here’s why.

As things stand at the moment, hotels could be a problem if you’re hoping to enjoy a restful holiday. One of the reasons for this is that there’s more chance of being exposed to the virus. An alternative is local accommodation, usually referred to as holiday homes.

Four reasons for choosing local accommodation

1 – For starters, in most cases, renting a holiday home will save you money. Sometimes, the savings can be as much as third of what you would have paid at a hotel. And those savings can be put to good use, such as dinner out for the family, excursions and fun experiences.

2 – At hotels, swimming pools and common areas are shared by lots of people; holiday homes offer much more privacy.

3 – When you stay in local accommodation, you feel as if you are part of the community and culture of the area where you are staying. The conditions are very much like those you enjoy at home, and at no extra cost. The properties are equipped with all the domestic appliances and utensils you need for your comfort and convenience during your stay.

4 – When you stay at a hotel, the fact that staff can enter your room may cause a certain sense of insecurity and you may feel the need to take valuables with you or hide them when you go out. At a holiday home, you simply lock the door behind you and don’t have to worry about anyone you don’t know coming in.

If you think you’ll find it hard to do without some of the fanciness of a hotel, consider a holiday home in a resort or a private complex, where you can expect a variety of services. As well as daily or weekly maid service, these properties offer opportunities for outdoor activities such as tennis or golf. Check-in dates are usually very flexible.

Holiday home rentals have also been growing in popularity among independent travellers.

A house will be far more peaceful than a hotel, especially during peak holiday season. You also get more space than you would in a hotel room and you can make your own meals exactly as you like them. This means you can eat healthily, buying fresh produce from the local markets.

Unlike hotels, when you stay in a holiday home there are no set times for anything. You can do what you want when you want and don’t have to worry about missing dinner or having to leave the room so the cleaning team can get in. This means it’s the perfect option for families with small children. And it’s also great if you want to get away from routine and simply do your own thing, whether that means going on excursions, exploring the local area or simply staying on the beach till sunset.

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to spend your next holiday in a local accommodation property. Stay with us!

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