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Visit these Five incredible rooftops in Faro

Rooftop Faro no Lab Terrace

The modern centre of Faro is where you will find the city’s tallest and most opulent buildings. But it is in the old centre, the area around the harbour and the old town, that you will find the most incredible rooftops.

Here are five places that will let you experience a stunning sunset with good music, good vibes and fantastic cocktails.


1. LAB Terrace

They say it only closes when it rains, which is lucky given the Algarve’s weather.

It is located above the Living Science Centre, facing south and overlooking the Ria Formosa. The prime location and the deck chairs mean you can admire a panoramic sunset along with a magnificent view.

Beautiful Rooftop view in Faro at Lab TerraceHave a glass of wine with a view of Ria Formosa at Lab Terrace Rooftop in Faro


2. Varandas Bar

A typical Algarve roof terrace. Located in the old city centre, the Varandas Bar offers an intimate ambience and is very inviting despite its interior view. Well-established and famed for its sangrias, it is a favourite with the locals. The friendly and helpful staff are always ready with suggestions as to the best cocktails.

Varanda's Bar Rooftop in FaroAmazing Rooftop at Varandas Bar in Faro


3. Cidade Velha

Having opened in July last year in Vila Adentro, the historic old town that’s Faro’s best-known landmark, Cidade Velha offers a simple concept: drinks and nibbles while you make the most of the views.

You have to climb a narrow stairway to get there but once you’re up top there’s room for 32 people.

Offering a more cosmopolitan vibe, this is a mystic and attractive place that’s perfect as day gives way to evening.

cidadevelha cidadevelha2cidadevelhacidadevelha3


5. Alameda Restaurant & Rooftop

There’s no denying the quality of the Alameda’s cuisine. The dishes are prepared with such good taste and refinement that they overshadow the décor of the space.

While small, the rooftop at the Alameda Restaurant is a spirited terrace that should be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. Surrender to the delightful ingredients and flavours of this rooftop.

alamedalifecooler alameda alameda3 1


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