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Yolanda Figueiredo Hair Stylist

“Being a professional in a beauty salon is the art of bringing the beauty that is within you to the world”

At the Yolanda Figueiredo salon you have available Hairstuling services such as straightening, curling, balayage, coloring, traditional highlights, hairstyles, cutting, hair treatment and brushing.

Aesthetic services are also available:

MANICURE – Normal manicure, varnish gel and gel

PEDICURE – Normal and medical pedicure, pedicure with gel varnish and callus removal



MASSAGE – Lymphatic drainage and shaping and reducing massage

BODY TREATMENTS – Gessotherapy, exfoliation and localized / generalized hydration and moon bath (hair discoloration)

FACE TREATMENTS – Skin cleansing, mini facial, makeup, facial lifting and gessotherapy EYELASHES – eyelash extension, lifting and coloring eyelashes