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Animaris Ilha Deserta

At Animaris there are several products within the scope of Nature Tourism, since the beginning of activity in 1986, in respect and conservation of the environment, with emphasis on Ilha Deserta, also known as Ilha da Barreta, one of the barrier islands of Ria Formosa, and the only one that is not inhabited.

The fleet of boats, for transportation and tours, is composed of boats of different types (semi-rigid, speedboats and catamarans), with capacities between 10 to 200 passengers, a multilingual team and with experience in organizing guided tours and personalized experiences for families, business groups, school groups, tourists and residents.

In an unfortunate incident involving a huge fire in March 2021, the Estaminé Restaurant – the only establishment on Ilha Deserta – was burned to the ground. However, it quickly rose from the ashes, as its amazing team rebuilt it from the ground and relaunched it during the summer of 2021. Apart from being a focal point of activity on Ilha Deserta and in the whole Algarve, Estaminé earned recognition and won various awards over the years for its fabulous cuisine and energy efficiency. The restaurant boasted an amazing panoramic view over the nature park and the Atlantic Ocean, while its menu featured a range of specialities made with fresh ingredients from the sea and the Ria Formosa, including a variety of fish and seafood. We can’t wait to hear when it will reopen again.