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We take pride in ensuring high client satisfaction. Become a My Choice property owner to find out why.

Owners portal

Login to our owners portal and get access to all data and reports regarding your property.

Hands-on Holiday Rental Management

Having enabled countless property owners to rent their homes out successfully across the Eastern Algarve over the years, we’re well-versed in the ins and outs of the entire process.

On-the-ground management ensuring a tailored approach to each property and owner has allowed us to build up our vast portfolio of accommodation options. Our differentiated approach draws clients in, ensuring you get the bookings you desire. From countryside villas to city-centre apartments and beachside houses, we find the right guests to truly take in what your property has to offer.

Building trust from the offset

We’ve got our gaze trained on long-term partnerships that stand the test of time. As such, we give our all to marketing your house and all it has to offer, ensuring it’s all in line with what you’re after.

Trust us with your house

Our proactive relationship with guests means we ensure they’re the right fit before they stay in your property. We then provide a second level of protection by ensuring our local representative is on-site to guarantee everything goes according to plan.

We look after your house as if it was our own home





24H Customer service

Finance Department

House cleaning and laundry

Promotional marketing

A personalised service, promising:

A human connection

We assign you a dedicated account manager committed to answering any questions you may have whenever you call.

A personalised strategy

We craft a strategy perfectly adapted to your house to ensure the highest occupancy rates possible, which you can monitor through targeted software.

On-site, tailored management

Our local representative seeks to meet your needs, whatever they may be, whether managing a cleaning service, coordinating with external teams or something else entirely.

Don't worry about a thing

We give you complete peace of mind by taking every aspect of home management off your hands, making renting your house as easy as picking up the phone.

We manage the entire rental process…

We’ve got it covered from advertising to cleaning your property to welcoming clients and being on-hand during their stay.

…cover all the formalities…

We cover all the bases when you entrust us with your property, from payments to contracts and even insurance.

…and stick around to ensure everything goes smoothly

Our local representative ensures your property is prepared and inspected before, during, and after guests have stayed.

The right partner to manage and monetize your property

By trusting My Choice with your property, you’re choosing to work with a company who invests in itself and, therefore, its clients. We believe in continuous business development and we’re always looking for new ways of optimising and improve results.

Client proximity, good communication and transparency are three of the main pillars that enables us to offer our client an exceptional service and turn the My Choice Holiday Rental experience even better.