Is it safe to holiday in the Algarve during the Covid pandemic?

É seguro passar férias no Algarve durante o Covid?

During the current pandemic, certainties are few and far between. However, we can guarantee that it is safe to holiday in the Algarve even while the pandemic is ongoing. Let us tell you why.

We know that your life is in limbo because of Covid; that you’ve had to cancel the holiday you had been dreaming about for so long; and that you’re very unsure whether or not you should book a few days away for a restful break.

So spending a few days in the Algarve now might just help you make a decision.

The fact of the Algarve being a safe holiday destination during Covid is evident from the number of Portuguese people making bookings (as opposed to bookings from abroad which is the norm at this time of year). In fact, the so-called “go abroad here at home” concept has never made more sense than it does right now.

The Algarve is being saved by Portuguese tourists who are looking for quieter areas in the south of the country for a seaside break. Holidays in Faro are among the most popular, given how much availability there is at the moment; we don’t mean just hotels and hostels either but also local accommodation options. And we can’t deny that it is an area with plenty of bars and restaurants with outdoor seating.

But before you pack your bags, plan how to keep safe.


It is important that you don’t facilitate the spread of the disease or put yourself at risk of catching it. The pandemic is still ongoing so there are some measures that you should implement whenever you are going to be in a public place, such as restaurants, supermarkets and shops.

Here is a brief explanation of the steps to take to keep yourself as safe as possible. You should always wear a mask when you are out and about, sanitise your hands often and maintain the safety distance recommended by the DGS authorities. This applies to when you go to the beach as well.

Every time you enter a restaurant, for example, you can be sure that most of the “work” has already been done. All the tables will be positioned in accordance with the safety rules and the space will have been properly disinfected.

All you have to remember to do is put your mask on every time you leave your table. But you don’t need to keep it on while sitting at your table.
The Algarve’s good weather and outdoor seating in restaurants and bars are an open invitation to a well-deserved holiday. You just need to scrupulously follow these good practices.


If you’re holidaying in the Algarve during Covid, it is particularly important that you choose a type of accommodation where you will feel safe, so that you can relax and enjoy your break.

With the Algarve’s weather, you’ll probably want to be out and about and there are plenty of accommodation options on offer. Many places, including the My Choice Apartments, have signed up to the Portuguese Tourist Board’s “Clean & Safe” programme.

Some of the best local accommodation options are located in the Faro area, Faro Beach, Tavira, Cabanas de Tavira and the endless beaches of Vila Nova de Cacela.

Our properties offer you the sense of security you are looking for and we can’t wait to welcome you!

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