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Honey… How about a holiday in Cabanas?

Escapadela romântica em Cabanas de Tavira

High season is here, the most eagerly-awaited time of year. It’s all everybody in the house is talking about and there’s no shortage of ideas being put forward as to how to spend those delicious days à deux. If you and your better half haven’t yet agreed on what to do and where to go, we can give you a helping hand. You already know you have to have a beach and a sea breeze. But where? Why not a little corner of the Algarve, one that’s quieter and hidden away? It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Cabanas de Tavira!

You can experience some incredible moments in this little fishing town in the eastern Algarve.

If you’re adventurous, you’re sure to love trying kitesurfing and stand-up paddle boarding. A range of water sports are enjoyed by people of all different nationalities in the Ria Formosa Nature Park. The Eolis School has qualified instructors and Cabanas Beach offers the ideal conditions in which to learn quickly and have fun while you do it.

Water sports and activities in Cabanas de Tavira

Imagem from: Eolis Facebook

If you prefer a more cosmopolitan vibe, what about a tour in an electric tuk-tuk? Make a stop on Cabanas seafront before passing some fruit farms on your way to Cacela Velha. Here, you will find the Church of Nossa Senhora da Assunção (Our Lady of the Assumption) and the fort.

The beach here is clean and boasts a vast stretch of sand. It’s also known for the pleasant temperature of the water. Nice and quiet, it’s the perfect place to relax. To get to it, you take a short boat ride across the Ria Formosa. If you need some beach stuff or want to buy a few souvenirs, the Praia-Mar shop has an extensive range, especially handicrafts and decorative pieces.

And as the day draws to a close, head back to your My Choice accommodation, where there’s still time to chill out or take a last dip in the pool before dinner.

Give your better half a special treat by booking a table for two at Noélia’s, a highly-regarded Algarve restaurant. Owner and Chef Noélia’s motto is, “Be happy and make other people happy”. The restaurant is right opposite the Ria Formosa and Noélia was nominated Chef of the Year 2021 by the Guia Boa Cama, Boa Mesa (Good Accommodation and Restaurant Guide). With an average cost of 25€ per person, you can equally enjoy delicious and more affordable food within our partners network, take advantage of the discounts.

Bring your evening to a close in the best possible way at the Quasibar. This is a must-do spot in Cabanas!

Quasibar view at Cabanas de Tavira

Image from: Quasibar Facebook

When it’s time to go back home, be sure to pack the sweetest memories of your stay in your suitcase. Flaky “folhados de Tavira” pastries, flower of salt, almond and carob sweets or the famous arbutus-berry brandy known as “medronho”.

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