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Holiday Homes in Faro: from city living to a beach escape

Faro is so much more than the region's capital. More than being home to the region’s main airport, Faro is the ideal location for those who want to explore the Algarve from east to west. But the city itself has a lot to offer: explore the beautiful historic centre, visit the islands, discover a wide range of restaurants and bars, gaze at a privileged view of the Ria Formosa and find lots of entertainment.

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Admittedly most famous for its airport, the city of Faro is often left unexplored, its winding streets unwalked and its secrets undiscovered. It isn’t every tourist that chooses to amble through the old town until they reach the sprawling city, lagoon, and coastline views from the cathedral tower. Not to mention Faro’s beaches, which are a poorly kept secret among locals, but often bypassed by the average tourist.

Ilha da Culatra - Animaris Passeios marítimos na Ria Formosa | Parceiro My Choice

Speaking about beaches… Have you heard of the beautiful barrier Islands? Deserta, Culatra and Farol are some of the region's hidden gems and surely worth a visit. You can get there by boat only. And trust us, the only regret will be not visitng them during your stay.

And if you're looking for a relaxing stay with the sea at your doorstep, Praia de Faro beach is your go to destination. Wake up facing the beautiful Ria Formosa lagoon, go for a walk on the beach and walk all the way down to Barrinha, where the sea meets the lagoon. It's a dreamy location, perfect to connect with nature and take breathtaking pictures.

Looking for your holiday home in Faro to explore the real Algarve on bike rides, boat trips or city tours? Then browse our options, because whether you want to wake up to lagoon views from an island villa or step out into the street of a lively city, our choices of Faro accommodation are sure to match your every desire.

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