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5 Spots to discover in Faro

5 Spots para descobrir em Faro

Have you chosen your next holiday destination of dreams yet? Faro may well be your top choice! The capital of the Algarve is rich in experiences and diversity, a must-see for anyone visiting the Algarve. Dive into the adventures and destinations Faro has in store as you explore our pick of 5 striking spots to help you plan an unforgettable holiday.


1. Barrinha Beach

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and central to the Formosa Lagoon Natural Park, this stretch of islands and peninsulas is accessible both by boat and on foot, the area’s unique fauna and flora making it a paradisiacal setting for fishing and water sports.

Whether you make your way there over sea or land, the beach at barrinha is the perfect place to get away from it all in peace and quiet as you watch the countless species of local birds or even try a bit of nudism.



2. Ludo Area

Just around the corner from the airport, the Ludo area is the place to observe nature in its purest state, from the impressive variety of birds to unique salt evaporation ponds, freshwater lakes and salt marsh areas. Only a stones’ throw from Faro beach and Quinta do Lago, 8km of trails wind through the Ludo area, which you can explore by car, bike, or on foot.

Get your friends or family together to explore our first two choice spots for a relaxing, carefree beach holiday in Faro. Ready to book your accommodation? Check out this dreamy 3-bedroom villa. Stay with us at Faro beach!



3. Estoi Palace

A grand 19th-century mansion built in a combination of neoclassical and romantic styles, surrounded by French-style gardens, this awe-inspiring spot is simply exquisite. Currently operating as a luxury inn, its interior décor is fitted out with works by renowned artists.

Allow yourself to be enchanted by the perfect symmetry of the three-levelled gardens, grand central fountains, scattered statues and busts, and painted tile murals lining the stairs.



4. Lethes Theatre

One of the oldest theatres in the country, Faro theatre owes its name to a post-civil war ideology of ​​peace, the river Lethe having been linked to “forgetfulness”, rumoured to have the power to erase a lifetime of bad memories. Designed by an Italian doctor who made it his mission to restore the building, it once housed a Jesuit college that was destroyed during the French invasions.

Built to teach and cultivate an audience while entertaining them, the building is certainly worth a visit, whether you’re catching a dance, music or theatre performance or checking out the interior décor, which is filled with figurative paintings.



5. Belltower Viewpoint

If you climb to the top of Faro Cathedral, you’ll find a viewpoint with sweeping views across the city, port and beyond, to the Formosa Lagoon as it stretches into the distance. The church’s medieval tower, better known as the “bell tower”, is an excellent viewpoint for a breath of sea air as you take in the unique vista.

Standing at a height of twenty-eight metres, the 8-bell tower can be accessed via a staircase with seventy-two steps.

Tempted? Head to Rua de Berlin and buy tickets at the Cathedral to head on up.



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