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2023 Holidays: 4 Natural Waterfalls in the Algarve

One of the most attractive things about the Algarve is its versatility. Its legacy is one that promises craggy coastlines and a pristine rural interior. Although best known for its beaches, the Algarve is also home to some freshwater landscapes that are sure to take you by surprise.

1. Barbelote Waterfall
– Monchique

Barbelote Waterfall in MonchiqueBarbelote Waterfall in Monchique

The town of Monchique is the personification of life in the Algarve uplands. Located at a height of 450 metres between the hills of Foia and Picota, this is where you will find the Algarve’s highest point. There are three waterfalls in Monchique and the Barbelote Waterfall is the best known.

It is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful in the country and you can get to it by car or on foot, starting off from the Vale de Largo-Barbelote road. The unique greenness of the upland contrasts with the grey backdrop created by the rocks, against which the frothy white foam of the water clearly stands out.


2. Vigário Waterfall – Alte, Loulé

Vigário Waterfall in Alte, LouléVigário Waterfall in Alte, Loulé

Alte is hailed by many as the capital of rural tourism. This Algarve village has remained true to its characteristic original features and is surrounded by natural scenery. The Vigário (or Alte) Waterfall rises on Quinta do Freixo and flows into the Algibre Stream in Paderne, forming the Quarteira Stream.

The water falls from a height of 24 metres into a small, deep pool. Parking is easy, next to the village cemetery, and you then have to walk up a steep but well-paved hill to get there. When you arrive, you will discover a pleasant green space with a picnic area.


3. Pego do Inferno – Tavira

Pego do Inferno in TaviraPego do Inferno in Tavira

Where waterfalls are concerned, size doesn’t matter. Despite its height of “just” three metres, the waterfall at Pego do Inferno is impressive. Legend has it that it got its name after a cart fell into it, never to be seen again. The gorgeous emerald green pool beckons you to enjoy a dip far from the hustle and bustle of the beaches along the coast. The location is remote and there has been little human development here so it is not the easiest or most intuitive place to get to. However, Google maps will give you a hand. Wear comfortable clothing, park in a safe place, switch on your GPS and head off for an Indiana Jones-style adventure!


4. Cadoiço – Loulé

Cadoiço in LouléCadoiço in Loulé

A small watercourse that rises at a height of 340 metres subsequently flows underground beneath the city of Loulé for a distance of around one kilometre before tumbling out of the channel as an extraordinary waterfall.

Despite being small, the Cadoiço Stream Waterfall looks like something you would find on a movie set. It is a pretty spot, surrounded by vegetation, and is perfect for a morning stroll since it is located in an area of cultural heritage.

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